FITXR & Uncommon Redefine Home Fitness through Immersive VR Exercise in Launch Campaign

Working out has looked the same for way too long. Waking up at 6am? Getting naked in public? Burpees on repeat? No way.

Workouts for Everyone — Hero Film

Nils Leonard, Co-founder, Uncommon said: “The fitness industry globally take’s itself way too seriously. It needed a good hose down. FITXR are an incredible force, ready to challenge the industry as it is and make something that actually works for everyone. We loved helping shape this US launch and giving the tragic tropes of this industry a painful workout as we went.”

A painful sit-up fuelled scream stops us in our tracks to the see a whole new way of working out — FITXR — swapping torture for fun.

Shelly Pearce, CMO, FITXR added: “We believe that the future of fitness is playing anywhere, anytime. It’s about losing track of time whilst you play. Even if you love to train, it can feel boring and unrewarding. FITXR removes the ‘no pain no gain’ mantra and helps make exercise enjoyable, bringing the energy of group fitness classes to your home. We’re so excited to share Uncommon’s thinking and vision of the FITXR world of working out.”




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Uncommon is a creative studio building brands that people in the real world actually wish existed.