ITV’s Drama vs Reality latest film with Emmy-winning actor Anna Friel & reality star couple Olivia Attwood & Bradley Dack takes campaign to another level

ITV’s new brand campaign, ‘Drama vs Reality’, highlights the wealth of drama and reality shows that are available on ITV Hub. The idea behind the series shows stars from drama and reality TV stopping at nothing in the fight for our attention. In the fourth installment of this campaign, we see Emmy-winning Marcella actor Anna Friel’s cunning plan to wipe out reality stars Olivia Attwood & Bradley Dack unfold.

But this latest film, titled ‘Trap’, we open on reality couple and stars of Olivia Meets Her Match, Olivia & Brad, walking on set, where we hear a conversation between the couple, Olivia questioning “What is drama anyway? It’s just a load of words and people pretending”, in her argument on why reality requires “proper talent” and is the superior genre.

The campaign was created with Uncommon Creative Studio and shot by Oscar-winning Director Tom Hooper (The King’s Speech, Les Misérables) whose credits also include the iconic ITV drama Prime Suspect. Alongside cinematographer Barry Ackroyd, whose BAFTA nominated work includes the iconic Green Zone, Jason Bourne and The Big Short, and Terry Needham, the 1st assistant director on Children of Men and The Shining.

The 60” spot launches this week. Marcella (Series 3) and Olivia Meets Her Match (Series 1–2) are available on ITV Hub.

Drama vs Reality | Full Campaign

The Phone Call
The Trap

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