Twinings & Uncommon Redefine the Tea Moment in Powerful New Campaign ‘Alive in Every Drop’

Film series captures epic & cinematic observations shot by award-winning director James Marsh


Inspiring everyone to get more out of every moment, ‘Alive in Every Drop’ showcases Twinings new wellness tea range in a series of short films shot by Academy award winning feature film director, James Marsh. The films celebrate a different energy the tea creates through capturing each protagonist alive in their moment, with Twinings playing a natural role. Marsh artfully elevates each moment, telling our stories in one take, through a cinematic lens. The results are original, singular and disruptive. These observations beautifully capture our protagonists in their individual tea moment.

Film x Glow x Alive in Every Drop

The film series includes a mesmerising minute of an early morning dance full of radiance, to the track Bad Karma by Axel Thesleff, featuring the Glow blend. A rare and beautiful moment of serenity on a beach featuring the Calm blend. To bring a real tea moment to bear, the campaign also includes an authentic live performance from upcoming MC Nino, fully immersed in his craft featuring the Focus blend.

Film x Calm x Alive in Every Drop

Nino embodies the sentiment of the campaign through reflecting his tea moment of focus, as a means to accessing his creativity in delivering a moving performance. Tea may feel an unexpected addition into a world more commonly associated with liquor and streetwear, but tea has long been a partner for those creating vocal performances and Nino’s care and focus are evident in this piece.

Film x Focus x Alive in Every Drop

The campaign speaks powerfully to Twinings purpose of empowering people get the most from life, but also seeks to depict a modern image of tea in the UK. We’ve never enjoyed more varieties and blends of tea in our lives but the image of tea in the UK is somewhat stuck in the past. Twinings are seeking to address this with these captivating stories of new tea moments.

Nino SLG x Focus

Twinings have innovated in the world of tea for over 300 years and this shift to a focus on wellness and a more modern view of the brand recognises Twinings place in modern British culture.


Project Name: Alive in Every Drop

Agency: Uncommon Creative Studio

Client: Twinings

Production Company: Pulse

Director: James Marsh

Editor: Rick Russell

Producer: George Saunders

DOP: Jakob Ihre

Post-Production: Youngster/Framestore

Grade: Seamus O’kane

Audio Post-Production: Soundtree

Media Agency: 7Stars



Uncommon is a creative studio building brands that people in the real world actually wish existed.

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Uncommon Creative Studio

Uncommon is a creative studio building brands that people in the real world actually wish existed.