Uncommon CX Welcomes Emil Asmussen as Creative Director

Emil Asmussen

Uncommon Creative Studio’s CX practice announces the hire of Emil Asmussen, joining the growing experience team as its first Creative Director. Emil will work alongside Creative Founding Partner, Ez Blaine, who recently joined the CX team from the States, where he previously held creative positions at Apple, SONOS and ChowNow.

Uncommon CX is a customer experience studio who believe that experience is the truth of a brand and that every interaction is a chance to matter. Uncommon CX are shaking up the formulaic and over-industrialised CX category, making a mark, working on the CRM and CX for British Airways and IAG Loyalty, including Avios rewards and BA’s Executive Club. The practice is also working with brands such as Piccadilly Lights and helping Formula E transform their fan experience.

(Left to right): Haider Muhdi, Natalie Graeme, David Yates, Jonathan Goodman, Kuba Bennette, Nils Leonard, Kieran Mistry, Lucy Jameson, Margaux Sloan, Joel Goodhall

Emil joins CX from a Creative Director position at UNIT9, where he worked across a variety of global AR, VR, XR, film and other experimental projects, with the likes of Nike, Starbucks and Amazon. Before his position at UNIT9, Emil was Creative Director at VICE media’s creative agency Virtue. Throughout his time at Virtue, he oversaw work from London, Copenhagen, Berlin and Zurich, including assisting in winning the IKEA account and Pandora’s global business.

Emil Asmussen, Creative Director, Uncommon CX, said: “I’m such a huge admirer of Uncommon’s work, so getting the opportunity to be part of the Studio’s CX evolution is super exciting. I work in the intersection of creativity and technology and look forward to bringing this focus to our output.”

A few of Emil’s recent projects include the Cannes and D&AD winning initiative TeAR down this WALL — an educational tool for Minecraft Earth that allows you to tear down the Berlin wall in Augmented Reality.

DDR Museum — TeAR Down This Wall

Verizon 9/12 was another outstanding project from Emil, demonstrating his creativity within the tech space — September 11, 2001, was a day of grief and uncertainty. But what occurred on 9/12 and the months after was heroic. Over 14,000 Verizon employees ran towards the crisis and began the mission to reconnect New York. So on the 20th anniversary, Verizon wanted to honour those stories in one of the most personal ways of communication… texting.

With over 30 employees from 2001 interviewed, a timeline was established, resulting in eleven personal stories told through MMS native content, a 360º interactive map of Downtown Manhattan, and an AR before-and-after filter. It’s a nod to the basic tech of 2001 while featuring the cutting-edge mobile experiences of today — a story about the past — with a modern twist.

Verizon — 9/12

Emil’s work with Copenhagen Pride and the connected Genderless voices campaign was a another project that received extensive global coverage from outlets including; BBC, MSNBC, Fox News, The Guardian, Wired, and The World Economic Forum, to name a few. The project was additionally chosen as a research partner for the UN Women program.

Pride — Genderless Voice



Uncommon is a creative studio building brands that people in the real world actually wish existed.

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Uncommon Creative Studio

Uncommon Creative Studio

Uncommon is a creative studio building brands that people in the real world actually wish existed.