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Apr 6, 2021

4 min read

Uncommon & ITV Encourage Better Conversations with Disruptive Reminders in Powerful Print Executions

The print suite follows the return of the UK’s most recognised mental health campaign Britain Get Talking

Full Suite of Print Work
Text Interview with Sir Mo Farah

Nils Leonard, Co-founder, Uncommon Creative Studio said: “The Britain get Talking campaign is the most recognised mental health campaign in the UK. A big part of this is down to how we have tried to always disrupt with our message, whether that’s stopping live television, doing a text only celebrity interview or press ads that look like the detritus of a day out rather than normal advertising. It’s easy to hide from the hard conversations, so the reminders to have them need to be surprising.”

Britain Get Talking continues to be the UK’s most recognised mental health campaign.

Britain Get Talking originally launched in October 2019, by pausing Britain’s Got Talent to give people the time back to talk. The initiative launched as part of ITV’s ongoing objective to encourage 10 million people to take action and improve their mental or physical health by 2023. When the pandemic hit last year, ITV continuously ran campaigns around mental wellbeing and put Britain Get Talking back at the heart of the channel. Encouraging people at a time of physical isolation, to stay connected and keep talking — which was more important than ever, throughout the multiple lockdowns the UK faced.

Project name: The better we talk, the better we feel. Britain Get Talking.

Client: ITV

Creative Studio: Uncommon